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Mushroom grow kit with McKennaii mycelium

To grow properly, they need a temperature between 21ºC and 24ºC, and a humidity of 60 to 80% to achieve the best results.

  • McKennaii mushroom get their name from the psychonaut, lecturer, author, and psilocybin enthusiast Terence McKenna. Several of his books explored different aspects of psilocybin mushrooms, as well as his own mushroom experiences and interpretations of them. This strain was developed to honour the man who did so much for the world of psychedelics.

    McKennaii Mushroom have darker caps with an oddly shaped and thick stems. We will never know if this strain was a marketing ploy from Dutch dealers or if this in fact is a new strain. Regardless this strain has survived many years and has been passed down to our growers.

    • McKennaii, a grow-kit developed by psychedelicwurld, brings the whole universe to your doorstep. The strength of the compounds in this variety will blow your mind.


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