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Texas Orange Cap Mushrooms come with a warning that these little guys can pack a big punch. This Psilocybe Cubensis strain has an inordinately, specific

  • History of Texas Orange Caps

    The story of Texas Orange Caps begins in—you guessed it—Texas. The legend is that these magic mushrooms were cultivated at least 30 years ago.

  • In all that time, the original story was likely lost. However, Texas Orange Caps are probably native to the Southern states as well as Northern Mexico.

    That means that Texas Orange Caps are not native only to Texas. Texas is just the place where the original cultivator found them.

    In the early days of magic mushroom cultivation, the spores of Texas s were likely sold or traded between a few mycologists.

    Now you might be wondering, how has this strain endured throughout all these years? The answer is that Texas Orange Caps are just that good.

    The Appearance of Texas Orange Caps 

    It gets their name from how they grow. They have broad, fleshy, and bright orange caps that are hard to miss.

    They grow a little shorter and broader than other strains, too. However, once Texas Orange Caps are dried up, they become shriveled and lose some color.

    One thing you might notice on your dried mushies is the presence of a greenish or bluish coloring. The coloring can be anywhere, but you’ll likely see it on the stem.

    This coloring is called bruising, and it’s natural to all magic mushrooms. It happens when the psilocybin or psilocin come into contact with air.

    That can happen from harvest, transportation, or when sitting for some time. If you see bruises, then no worries, they don’t affect potency or safety.


    It is a strain that’s great for experiencing mind-blowing visuals. You’ll be in awe as tracers, fractals, geometric patterns, and shimmers cover your vision.

    There’s also an incredible euphoria from this strain that will lift your spirits. Texas Orange Caps is also a strain that isn’t heavy.

    You’ll be feeling incredibly light and ecstatic in both mind and body.


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