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The Texas Yellow Cap magic mushrooms are best known for their shamanistic properties, or spiritual effects rather than solely ‘’tripping’’. They do originally come from Texas – hence the name

  • Texas Yellow Cap

    Texas Yellow Cap Magic Mushrooms are a wide variety of psilocybe cubensis, very suitable for beginners. They have a good psychedelic effect without going too far. They can, as we all know, help users get some light and connect with nature while experiencing warm images. These mushrooms are ideal for spiritual exploration. Texas Yellow Cap Magic Mushrooms!

    Texas yellow cap magic mushrooms are the Psilocybe cubensis strain. This strain of mushroom was developed from the Texan shroom, which is a wild strain. The Texas Yellow Cap (TYC) is a reliable and fast species to grow.

    It’s thought that this shroom was originally discovered by an amateur mycologist in 1998. And as it was domesticated from the wild species, it has adapted a lot since then too. Let us tell you some more about these mushrooms and why many people like them so much.

    Texas Yellow Caps Magic Mushroom

    The Yellow Cap Texas strain has a somewhat open and wide Cap, hence the name. Because this certain cap is wide, it makes growing these particular mushrooms much easier than other Psilocybes. It’s good to know that elongation will take place with this strain during colonization, as long as high humidity is kept intact with proper air flow.

    Yellow Cap Texas Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Texas Yellow Cap) is a very popular cubensis strain.

    Texas Yellow Cap magic mushrooms are best known for their spiritual properties or effects rather than entirely “tripping”. They were developed in 1998 by an amateur mycologist within the community. Coming from (you guessed it) Texas, this strain originates from the Texas Orange Cap mushrooms which were a tamed version of the wild Texan Cubensis strain.

    • Texas Yellow Caps are a great strain for beginners, offering a psychedelic effect without going too deep into a trip. When consuming these little mushies, they will give you a feeling of open-mindedness and help you connect with the world around you.


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